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The goal of our company is to make speech recognition and synthesis technologies available to the small and medium business.

In recent years, the quality of such technologies has reached the great level. Together with the computer linguistics, these technologies allow us to create automated solutions to handle calls for the call centers.

At the market, there are set of box solutions. But all of them are designed for large bank systems or big corporate solutions. These solutions are not applicable to the small companies. However, their need becomes more apparent.

Clinics, pizzeria, delivery services, taxi - all they need their own call center. But the cost of it's maintenance isa significant part of the company's budget. Our technology can significantly reduce these costs, partially automating routine operations.

The long and annoying set of IVR, the set of call forwardings from operator to operator, waiting for the response of the operator while all the lines are busy - all of it annoys your customers and makes you constantly expand your call center and to pay more for long distance calls. Do you still want to tolerate it while most of the calls can be automated?
Imagine that client simply tells the goal of the call, and the system automatically forwards it to the desired operator. Imagine that a customer can make an order just talking on the phone with a robot. Imagine that your calls are serviced 24 hours a day.
All of this becomes available to small and medium businesses.

Easy integration

You do not need to acquire specialized equipment or somehow tune your call center. For each client, we develop a separate project integrating it with your CRM. All you have to do - is to forward the necessary calls to our equipment. All the processed calls statistics and information will be available on your personal dashboard.

Quality and reliability

In our work we use our own speech recognition and synthesis technologies as well as other suppliers, including solutions from the Yandex company, credible on the market for more then 20 years. Together with our own solutions we are able to achieve significant quality of speech processing.

Call center

Modern cloud PBX with speech recognition

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why is it profitable


The averege cost of the call
is beeing reduced

Routine calls

balance check, ordering

less operators

Reduces the number of call
forwardings between operators

No queues on the line

The averege cost of the call
is beeing reduced

day and night

You won't lose no one client

clients loyalty

Only one question instead of the long IVR

How it works

We use our own speech processing technologies together with Yandex company speech recognition technologies

  • The Customer calls to your company, and the call is forwarded to our PBX
    with speech recognition and synthesis technology

  • The system maintains a dialogue with the client by asking appropriate
    questions and recognizing answers.

  • After gathering the necessary information, the system automatically generates an order
    or redirects the call to the manager

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    water delivery
    taxi ordering
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